Not everyone can say they were born into a family of Bakers. I had the privilege of being one of the lucky ones, with both my Grandmother and Great Aunt being both Baker by name, and fantastic inspirations in my early years of baking and cooking. School holidays spent making gloriously sticky peppermint creams and iced biscuits. Being asked if I would like more to eat "well I think I could just about manage the icing off one of those cakes" came my 4 year old reply! My mum, too, was excellent in the kitchen, and I'd often come home to freshly made cakes and biscuits.

My own baking adventure started in my teens after picking up a recipe card in my local supermarket. From there the love for baking grew, and, being pre-internet, I bought a book of celebration cake designs in order to make my daughter's first birthday cake. As my children grew, so did my reputation with requests from friends and wider family for my "delicious cakes".

Some years spent working for a bakery in Dorset further honed my skills and introduced me to the world of sugar flowers and wedding cakes, an area that I love working in still.

Over the years there has been much focus on developing my recipes, looking at the science behind the results, and much tasting (of the cake, not just the icing!) to ensure that each cake tastes as good as it looks, complimented by homemade jams and preserves. 

I love to play with food and experiment, so when my children developed food allergies and intolerances I saw it as an opportunity to think outside the box, and to find ways to still give them the tastes, flavours and food experiences that everyone else enjoys. Not all my experiments were successful (gluten, dairy and egg free yorkshire puddings being one failure) but through trial and error, and some helpful tips and advice from others, I have developed a range of recipes that are just as, if not more, delicious than my standard recipes.

No-one likes poor customer service any more than they like bad cake, so I strive for perfection in all aspects leaving you free to relax and enjoy planning the rest of your event, knowing that your cake is all taken care of. 

Baking life a bit better.